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To identify sexually-related themes of the sexuality of older African American women. We included 13 African American older women 57 to 82 years of age11 of whom self-identified as heterosexual, one as bisexual, and one as lesbian. Moreover, we collected information on demographics and self-rated physical health. Two co-authors served as coders, and used content analysis to identify the most salient sexuality themes.

Emerging themes were in order from most to least endorsed: Motivated by the paucity of our sexuality data, we have also provided suggestions to scholars interested in conducting more in-depth further research on Pretty older black women topic with older African American women.

Our findings indicate that the common notion that older women are asexual is a myth, while lack of a suitable sexual partner is a problem reported by many African American older women who would otherwise enjoy sexual interaction. There are many erroneous assumptions regarding the sexuality of older adults in general.

People often mistakenly believe that interest in sexual activity decreases with age [ 1 ]. In addition, the needs of family members can significantly drain emotional energy in older couples [ 3 ], leaving little or no time Pretty older black women sexual satisfaction.

A limited amount of research is currently available on this issue, especially concerning ethnic minority older women.

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For a variety of reasons detailed below, we chose African American older women as the units of analysis of the study. Concerning the structure of this article, we have 1 provided a succinct literature review on the topic of sexual health among African American older women, 2 described our mixed method study on this topic, and 3 motivated by the lack or extreme shortness of the sexuality responses provided by our research participants, described our methodological challenges and offered potential solutions for interested researchers.

Hopefully, Pretty older black women intending to shed more light on this challenging research area will be in the position to choose from a variety of effective methodological strategies that would allow them to collect richer, more in-depth sexuality data on older African American women.


Concerning sex research on aging populations, there are very few large studies on sexuality in relation to critical factors such as advanced age and health status. Among them, we refer the interested reader to comprehensive research conducted by Tessler Lindau et al. This study is particularly relevant to our discussion because African Americans were one of the very few oversampled groups.

Women with poor health were rarely sexually active and, if they did engage in Pretty older black women activities, often reported problems with sex. Indeed, without good physical health, it is challenging to achieve good sexual health in older age, given that both advanced age and poor physical health are risk factors for many sexual problems [ 5 — 7 ].

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The latter could also be reflective of specific physical illnesses including urogenital tract conditions, cancer, or major infections [ 8 — 9 ]. Unfortunately, if sex problems are untreated, they might cause other significant problems such as social withdrawal or depression [ 10 ].

In the present study, we intended to explore the sexuality of African American older women as tactfully as possible. Of particular interest was the identification of specific sexual themes that are most significant in the sex lives of the research participants.

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