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Nausea after orgasm

Naked Gallery Nausea after orgasm.
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Big community funding update! December 9, 4: Why might this be? Occasionally, after an exceptionally powerful orgasm, I feel quite sick to my stomach.

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It's similar to the feeling I get in the beginning stages of the stomach flu It happens about twice a month, although I orgasm approximately once a day, either with my boyfriend or on my own. It doesn't seem to matter where I am in my menstrual cycle, or whether the orgasm was the result of penetration. I'm not on any Nausea after orgasm of medication, and I don't have any health problems that seem relevant to the question.

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Googling "orgasm nausea" didn't turn up any explanation that seems credible. I don't think it has anything to do with uterine contractions, since it isn't actually painful.

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Has anyone else experienced this? Is there a physiological reason behind it?

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And most importantly, is there anything I can do to prevent Nausea after orgasm Nausea after intense abdominal exercise Nausea after orgasm pretty common. Maybe something you do is causing you to tense up your abs really tight? If that turns out to be the cause, doing some crunches or something to strengthen the area would help prevent the post orgasm nausea. I only ever got the post-crunch nausea when my abs were weak from non-exercise and I started again.

In the ancient Chinese practise of Qi Kung alt.

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Sex is sometimes used to build this energy. Different traditions have varying opinions on orgasm, and the building up and discharging of the energy. Simple methods of moving the qi include deep breathing and massage, relaxation techniques.

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The massage is not a 'deep tissue' type, more a light touch to take energy up and down the limbs and spine. It can feel sort of like pulling taffy.

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