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Correcting video facial tones

xXx Galleries Correcting video facial tones.

You import your footage, pull it up in Premiere.

How to get good skin...

You start sorting through some exterior footage and Correcting video facial tones are looking epic. Finally you get to some clips with people in it. The skin tones suck. You want to know how to get good skin tones but… The skin of your actor is so magenta it looks like they are a pink elephant. Skin tones that look like garbage.

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Crappy skin tones can ruin the entire video for me. Hollywood films have this crisp tone that match from scene to scene.

My colors were all over the place. While working on short narrative films, getting good skin tones that matched was even tougher. Even with correct exposure and white balance the skin of the actors looked dull in some scenes and bright in others. So I thought Correcting video facial tones I would be stuck with these tones.

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Talk about tough color profiles to match in post-production. This is not how to get good skin tones. Generally though, this would reveal how off my skin tones truly were.

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If you know nothing about skin tones, you should know they naturally exist at the following line in the scopes here: But there is one tool that has helped me immensely over the years. The best way to achieve great skin tones is to make sure you balance all your cameras.

This means matching up color temps, exposure, etc. So let me introduce you to the magic tool I use and how to get good skin tones.

Looking for some new ways...

You can use this to adjust colors in a variety of color grading softwares including Resolve. It also works in editing programs like Premiere and After Effects too.

So, whatever image processing or...

For the reference image try to find one with an actress that has a similar skin color as your person. This is key in how to get good skin tones.