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How you know he is the one

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Being in a relationship is all How you know he is the one and games for the most part but also a bit more work than originally anticipated. At least we're in a relationship and out of the dating pool because that was scary. Once things settle down and the new relationship smell wears off a little, we inevitably turn our attention toward deciphering hidden clues to find out if our guy is the one we're meant to be with forever.

Aside from hitting five out of twelve points on our future husband wish-list, there are a few different clues we can use to help us decide if he's the one for us or not. On the flipside, there are subtle hints and clues that tell us maybe he's not the one.

Depending on the severity of these clues, we might want to pack a bag and leave during our lunch break and never look back. This is where relationships turn hard when we thought they'd just gotten easy. Either way, we can easily search the Internet for examples of these clues while we binge on pizza and boxed wine.

We can also compare exhaustive notes with our closest girlfriends to see if their experiences add up to ours in any way. We could even wing it and see where this goes before making any major decisions.

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Regardless, here's a list of some things to look out for. When we're dating or in a steady relationship with someone, we're looking for clues to see if this guy is the elusive One. One of those clues is gauging where his priorities lie. If we're firmly at the top of his list—maybe not necessarily skip out on work to take us shopping high but definitely spend every spare minute with us—then there's a good chance he's the one.

We all like a man who can prioritize and places us in the top five slot.

It says that he values us and enjoys spending quality time with us. It won't matter to him what exactly we're doing together. We could be sorting the laundry for all he cares. The point is that we're together and he's near us. This should go without saying that if the man we're dating, having a relationship with, are living with or married to ever turns violent then he's not the one for us. Whether it's physical, mental, emotional or intimate, it amounts to abuse and at the first sign of these impending chains we need to flee and never look back.

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Domestic abuse is an epidemic right and it needs to end now—starting with us. No matter how much we love him, how much he completes us or makes us feel if he raises his hand to hit us once then we have to be done and walk away.

We do not want to have to cover up bruises and broken bones. It's not a situation we want for our friends or daughters. It's not what our mothers want for us and it shouldn't be what we live with just to have a man in our lives. Another clear sign that he is the one for us is that we can trust him. We trust him and not just with the shopping list. We trust him with our deepest desires, our most cherished wishes, hopes and dreams, and our darkest fears. Everything How you know he is the one makes us who we are he knows about because we know he'll understand.

He'll hold our secrets close and won't use them against us in the future. We trust him because he tells us everything about himself—his past, present and future. We know everything about him down to his childhood fears, hopes, wishes and dreams. When he's off by himself we trust he'll be safe and sound, especially since we trust that his heart is completely ours and will never stray. One sign that our man is the one for us is that he's trustworthy.

If he's not trustworthy and far from it being secretive, not telling us the whole story, smelling like someone How you know he is the one perfume, vanishing money he doesn't know anything about, etc. If we can't trust him with our money, valuables, or around other women then why do we trust him with our hearts?

Untrustworthy men look nice from a distance but all too often they prove to be rotten to the core once they're pried open and poked. Many of us as heartsick teens wondered what love was and some helpful adult in our lives said something like, "Love is putting someone else's needs above your own.

You really need to clean your room sweetie," and that was that. Once we're adults and hunting around for the one, this advice proves true. Love really is putting someone above us. When our man is down after a rough day, How you know he is the one drop everything to make him feel better despite how tired we are.

When we're having a bad day, he does the same for us. If we're both sick and exhausted, he'll make the run to the store for medicine and food because he loves us and wants us to stay in bed and get better faster. It's an amazing feeling to know that someone loves us so much that they put our needs above their own. One of the implied conditions of being in a committed, exclusive and steady relationship is that neither of us is seeing anyone else, especially without the other's knowledge.

When we find out that our man has been out and about with another girl behind our back, our How you know he is the one world implodes and everything we thought we knew is questioned.

If our seemingly loyal and trustworthy guy has a side-chick, then we were wrong about him. What else were we wrong about? In the midst of such a downward spiral, it's important to remember that we weren't the ones caught cheating.

We did nothing wrong. The type of men who cheat and do so regularly have their hobby down to an art and are skilled at deceiving innocent women like us. We're simply caught in the crossfire. We have all our stuffed animals since babyhood proudly displayed in our closet.

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We own seven cats with which we converse. Most of our personal quirks and idiosyncrasies would scare off guys—especially the sane ones we really like—but our guy genuinely likes them. He thinks our stuffed animals are cute and he talks to our cats. The green cup on Tuesday is unique and makes him love us more, wondering what other hidden twists in our personalities he'll uncover.

We're the greatest treasure hunt to him and he'll never stop enjoying the journey. We're all dressed up to head out on a date and when our man arrives, he looks us up and down and says, "You should wear your hair up for dinner" or "I don't like that shade of lipstick on you.

Consciously or unconsciously, we're anticipating How you know he is the one next critical comment and wondering what hidden flaw will be found this time. We change everything he dislikes and he never acknowledges this, only moves on to something else we failed to do perfectly in his eyes.

After a while, this becomes an exhausting way to spend time together.

We owe it to ourselves to get out before the damage becomes too great. They say blood is thicker than water and family is all that matters in the end.

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For many of us, this rings true and our family is the most important thing to us, even more, important than books, food or our cats. Therefore when our man genuinely likes our weird clan, it makes our world spin. We never dreamed we'd actually find someone who enjoyed listening to grandma's stories as much as we do or love fishing with our brothers and dad.

He really does enjoy all our family gatherings, even if he has to pretend to like uncle Pete's car jokes. His family is pretty cool too, so there's a good chance they'll gel really well when we get married and blend the two groups. Unless we have a really horrible family, the fact that our guy doesn't like the people who raised us and shaped our earliest experiences and interactions can say a lot to us.

Especially if he displays completely different behavior around our family members than when he's with us.

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When we're with him visiting his family, we can learn a lot that will shape our future if we stay with him. How he—a grown man—talks to his mother is a very important clue as to how he will someday talk to us.

If his mother does everything while his father simply sits back and relaxes with a beer this is a clear picture of the future workload division between us and our potential man.

5. He feels totally comfortable...

Time to escape before we're stuck. We ladies like to get together and swap updates about our guys. This helps us share information, connect on a deeper level and compare notes on the men to make sure they're actually pretty normal.

One clue we have which tells us this new guy might be the one is the simple but important fact that our friends like him.

If he's not triggering their warning bells or displaying different behavior around them than us, then he's genuine How you know he is the one a good catch.

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This tells us there won't be problems in the future when we want a little girl-time or when we go on and on about our friends to him. Our friends will be able to add him as a friend of their own whom they can count on to take care of us as well as them. One of the reasons married couples land in therapy is that they're on the brink of a divorce.

As the therapist digs into their problems, they learn that the couple hasn't been intimate or shown any physical affection toward each other for a considerable amount of time.

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There are many reasons for this but one of the primary side effects is that one or both have emotionally and physically checked out of the marriage. Being physically affectionate with each other is important to any romantic relationship, and when our guy purposefully withholds affection in any form for purely selfish, malicious or unclear reasons then it's a good sign that he's not a good match for us. We should upgrade to someone more caring and considerate while we still can.

When a man is in love with the one girl who makes his world go round, he is happy and lets everyone know.

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He is also completely wrapped up in his girl and brags about her to everyone and not in the "Mine is hotter than yours" way. If we got a promotion at work, he tells all his friends about it.

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If we bake him a homemade apple pie, he tells his entire office about it and shows off the pie but doesn't share because it's all his. Every accomplishment we make, he cheers us on and tells everyone How you know he is the one it because his girl just did that thing and—isn't she amazing? Someone who boosts us full of positive energy and makes us feel proud and accomplished is definitely a keeper.

Making plans with our guy—even last minute plans—is a fun activity and precludes the even more fun activity of actually seeing him and spending time together. He calls last minute to cancel, half-heartedly apologizes and says he'll do better next time or will plan the next date. We phone him to make the plans ourselves, only for him to flake out on us again or show up late and dressed sloppily.

He is communicating with us and anyone around that he doesn't respect us or value our time together enough to dress appropriately, arrive on time and actually keep the plans we made.

2. The Eyes Are A...

We could've made alternate arrangements for that evening or weekend if he'd canceled sooner but now we're dateless with nothing to do except eat ice cream and binge watch Netflix.

From the moment you meet, you want to know; but how can we ever be certain? You'll know he's “The One” when your life has been compromised, forever. 5. He feels totally comfortable as your plus-one in all situations. Work drinks that you already know will be stiff and awkward?