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Lesbian sex in limo

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I had been driving limo part-time now for a few months. It was an easy job for the most except when I got the odd temperamental client now and then. It was mostly the women who gave me a bit of a rough time. Wanting me to have the door open the minute the car came to a stop — things like that.

Today I was picking up a new client. None of the other drivers knew anything about her. I arrived fifteen minutes early and rang her buzzer to let her know that I was early and would be waiting for her when she was ready.

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I was standing at the front of the car having a cigarette when I heard the sound of heals coming down the sidewalk. I turned my head slightly to the right and did a double take but tried not to be too obvious. A tall, gorgeous black woman is coming towards the car. She is wearing a very short mini quick and is showing lots of leg.

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I quickly tossed my cigarette down and squashed it with my shoe. I walked towards the passenger door to open for her. I assume that you'll be in the neighbourhood if I need to make a quick exit? As I'm checking the rearview mirror, I notice that she's applying lipstick.

I notice how full and luscious her lips Lesbian sex in limo. She notices me watching her and just smiles. I'm sure that I'm blushing and I'm glad that she can't see my reaction. I notice that she's looking out the side window and I take another moment to gaze at her long legs. I can't quite figure out if she's wearing underwear.

I re-focus and find her watching me again with a sexy grin.

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As long as you like what you see. And so…do you like what you see? She seems like the kind of woman who likes honesty. I think you're a very beautiful, sexy woman. The trip is much too short as I pull up to the house.

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I open the door for her and it appears that she is falling of the car so I grab her hand to guide her out of the car. She ends up leaning into me. Her Lesbian sex in limo is intoxicating. She steadies herself, thanks me and walks up to the house. If I didn't know any better, I'd almost swear that she was flustered at the physical contact with me. I light a cigarette to calm myself while I wait for Grace. I have only been waiting for an hour when I see her coming out of the house.

I quickly head around to open the door for her. I return to the driver's seat and look at her in my mirror. Somewhere I've never been. Do you know of any such places? The one place that comes to mind is the local lesbian club that I frequented. I wasn't sure that I should mention it to her.

It takes us about twenty minutes to get there. I find a place to park and open the car door for her.

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I close the door and she looks at me. Might not look too good if I go there on the job. A few people greet me as we walk over to the bar. I buy her a drink and we just hang out at the bar and watch as more people come in. A good song starts playing and Grace starts swaying to the music. I buy her another drink and just sit back to enjoy the show.

She downs the second drink and then starts to move very seductively on the Lesbian sex in limo floor.

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Watching her dance is starting to turn me on. I'm pretty sure that is her intention as she continues to move very provocatively. A woman starts dancing up on Grace and trying to grope her. I don't do anything immediately as I want to see how she handles herself.

When she starts to look uncomfortable, Lesbian sex in limo walk over to her. I tap the woman on the shoulder and say, "Mind if I cut in to dance with my woman? At first she looks pissed off and I guess she thinks better of it and steps aside. We start dancing and then Grace surprises me by getting very close and grinding into me. She's grinding my leg and I can feel the heat that is emanating from between them. I have a delicious view of her cleavage and she doesn't seem to mind that I am staring.

I don't know what comes over me but my Lesbian sex in limo are suddenly grabbing her ass as I lean in to kiss her. She doesn't seem too surprised or shocked as she kisses me back. It's a long passionate kiss that I don't want to break but I want to get her out of the club. I take her hand and lead her out of the club. We are back at the limo and Grace suddenly pushes me against the car door, grinds into Lesbian sex in limo and starts kissing me.

She's feeling my breasts and playing with my nipples. Let's get in the car so I can get you naked. We climb into the car and I lock the door behind us. She pushes me on the seat and then straddles me and continues to kiss me. I run my hands up the back of her legs and under her skirt.

I feel her bare ass but I can tell that she's wearing a thong. We're kissing with abandon now. I have pulled her top and her bra down so that her breasts are now bare and ready for me to play with and suck on. She's moaning and running her hands through my hair and gently pulling it as I suck on her nipples alternating between them.