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Black vagina exam

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You may be worried about your first pelvic exam.

Your health care provider HCP should be sensitive and gentle, help you relax, and answer any questions you have.

A Black vagina exam exam is a way for your health care provider to examine your female organs and check for any gynecological problems. Most health care providers agree that you should have your first exam when you have symptom such as discharge or pain, or when you turn 21, whichever comes first.

There are other important reasons that you may need a pelvic exam. Your HCP will decide if an exam is needed to figure out the cause of your concerns.


This is usually the part when some young women feel embarrassed. Your HCP will make you feel at ease.

You may be worried about...

There are usually 3 parts to a pelvic exam. Sometimes not all the parts are necessary. Ask your health care provider which part s will be done for your exam.

The External Exam Part 1: Your health care provider will first look at the area outside of your vagina clitoris, labia, vaginal opening, and anus. The Bimanual Exam Part 3: Key Black vagina exam Pelvic exams are done to find out if you have a gynecological problem.

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You may need to have a pelvic exam if you have vaginal discharge, pain, irregular periods, or other symptoms. Inside the female reproductive organs.

If you have a weak immune system due to having an organ transplant or HIV, or if you have had an abnormal Pap test in the past, you will need more frequent Pap tests. Check with your health Black vagina exam provider or gynecologist.

This exam may be done...

Do I need a Pap test? While not recommended by medical professionals, some women give themselves vaginal and cervical self-exams.

Supporters of these exams say they help. This exam may be done as part of Black vagina exam pelvic exam. You may have a little dark- colored, sandy discharge from the vagina for a few days after the procedure.

A pelvic exam is where a doctor or nurse practitioner looks at a girl's reproductive organs (both outside and internally) and feels the uterus and ovaries to be sure.

My experiences being a gynecological...

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