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Living with a hoarder spouse

Sexy Video Living with a hoarder spouse.

Being the family member of a person with hoarding disorder HD can be very stressful.

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For those family members who live with the person with HD, such as a partner, child, sibling or dependent parent, living among the extreme clutter can cause a lot of physical and emotional difficulties. These same difficulties can also be present for family members who do not live with the person with HD, and all families affected by HD may experience friction and tension as a result.

Increased Family Conflict A major area of conflict arises when the hoarding results in a loss of usable living space, especially in shared areas such as the kitchen, living room, etc. Another area of conflict is the financial strain that can result from excessive shopping in order to get more things, and the possible need to get storage facilities chests, lockers, garages, sheds, etc.

This extends to exerting control over how the hoarding items are handled, with the individual with HD not letting other family members Living with a hoarder spouse decisions about their own home.

This can lead to feelings of helplessness, frustration, anger, and vulnerability among family members. And finally, conflict can arise if family members get so frustrated with the hoarding that they attempt to clean or organize the home, especially if they do this without the individual with HD.

The person with HD may feel deceived or violated by this action, Living with a hoarder spouse it can lead to arguments and loss of trust within the family.

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Children of Those with HD Children of those with HD often cannot avoid living in the extreme clutter — especially if they are still minors — which affects their social lives and development. This may lead to feelings of isolation, helplessness, and resentment. In severe cases, children may not have space to play or study to the extent that the parent with hoarding may be investigated by child protective services.

Due to the increased family conflict, children might feel torn between the parent with HD and the parent without it. Should the family conflict reach such a point that divorce is considered, children may blame the break up of their family on the person with HD.

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