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Are derek and garcia hookup on criminal minds

xXx Videos Are derek and garcia hookup on criminal minds.
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I don't think so!!! OMG if they were though!!! Their light flirtatious comments are entertaining and they're great characters but they're not physically matched for each other. Morgan's too hot for Garcia to handle. They should be a couple, but so far, it jsut seems like they are more like brother and sister.

They'd be a great couple!

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Oh I am afraid so afraid of that i can't even watch this season's epi 13, I do like that oh i care so much about you i would die if something happened to you thing, her his angel respectively but something more than that. What if it doesen't work out and we won't get that nce vibe between them anymore.

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No, in the first episode he thinks Garcia's name is Gomez after Reid tells him that so calls her 'baby girl' when she does not reply to 'Gomez'. This results in an instant icebreaker and they have flirtatious conversations but they are not a couple.

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No, they're not dating. They do care very much about each other, but I don't think a relationship with them would last very long, as the BAU is a very stressful job.

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The whole team islike a family, so it would be too awkward. But it was so great when Garcia got jealous of Morgan and that girl few episodes ago.

And Garcia says, 'You just...

I honestly don't know. It's really confusing, their relationship.

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They flirt with each other a lot, but Morgan likes to flirt with other girls and Garcia is sometimes with Kevin It seemed like they liked each other during the episode where Garcia got shot I think it's called "Penelope" but it seemed more like Garcia only liked him as a "hero". Overall, I have no idea.

Morgan is in love with Garcia, thats why he called her is god given solaceMorgan just trys to hide his feelings as Garcia is in love with kevin not him. When she wakes and finds him in the shower my guess is they kissed but he trys to hide itmorgan tried to ask her on a date in the ep lucky but she was mad at him for saying the guy was wrong so she turned him down.

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