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Plenty of fish waste of time

Porn archive Plenty of fish waste of time.

I deleted all of my social media about 6 months ago and it felt truly amazing to let go of those pointless distractions. The funny part is over the past year or so all of my online dating interactions go down in flames before even meeting due to me pretty much going off on princess bitches and getting blocked. Oh well, now I will have more time to devote to me.

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Isnt it an amazing feeling to delete all that crap? The amount energy u put in will never justify the result if u have that comes in dating sites. Enjoy ur free time. Welcome and good move trashing social media. Don't stick your dick into anyone you aren't willing to put up with for eighteen years and nine months. Plenty of fish waste of time always PoF to be the worst of all the free dating sites, the worst women and just a terrible colour scheme overall. Thanks guys for the warm welcome and support.

With regards to the name, I laughed my ass off when I thought of it so had to use it. A man without a woman is like a fish without a hook. Welcome aboard brother, I did POF and it was just nasty whiney snatch after nasty whiney snatch. No real loss lol. Did online dating for 7 years and quit a year ago, best thing I did, too much time and effort for so little outcome, might not get sex as much without the online dating, but I do not invite toxic people in my life, there is nothing but drama, whores, and cheaters on that site monkey branching through tons of manginas.

I am lucky I made it out of there alive without getting Plenty of fish waste of time STD. The Internet, social media, and a bunch of other media stuff, will consume up your free time, money, etc… unless you happen to end up control it and put it to use.

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We are better because of you! Love is just alimony waiting to happen. Why are you not making more tax-slaves?

PoF is rightly named. Fish is the optimal word. Old, diseased, nasty, rotten fish.

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Well done on your freedom. Yep, plenty of fish should be re-named Waste Of Time! POF is diseased cesspool of feminine filth, you can do without.

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Privacy Last Forum Posts Contact. Having had a POF (thats plenty of fish, the top online dating site for those who don't . By and large, online dating is a complete waste of time.

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