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How to ask an older woman to sleep with you

Porn Base How to ask an older woman to sleep with you.
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My journey to learning how to seduce an older woman started at a busy nightclub. She was thirty-four, tall, blue-eyed, and athletic, a beautiful woman.

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I had never heard a woman proposition me so directly, let alone such an attractive one. There are several key differences between younger and older women.

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If you understand these differences, and how to use them to your advantage, seducing older women will become a satisfying process that will regularly lead you to experiences that would normally be reserved for a Dear Penthouse letter.

We got inside, and as she walked towards her room she began taking off her clothes, first her jacket, then her shirt, and thirdly- her pants. That night was the first of many that taught me an important lesson: Older women tend to be much more comfortable with their sexuality than their younger counterparts.

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Older women appreciate a no B. Older women have had enough life experience to be bored by guys who only talk about surface level matters like pop-culture and sports.

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Recently, I met a beautiful Spanish woman at a bar, and in the two hours, before we slept together, our conversation spanned topics including existentialism, how the death of our fathers affected us, and our biggest fears. Our conversation was emotionalvulnerableand meaningfulbecause of this she felt it was only natural to invite me to her place for some drinks in private. Your conversations with all women should have some depth to them, but especially your conversations with older women.

Talking about your emotions and having her talk about hers will make her feel a sense of connection and comfort with you. When learning how to seduce an older woman, make sure not to only bring up positive emotions, but a full spectrum of emotions.

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Create a deep conversation with an older woman using the power of vulnerability. Being vulnerable is about being confident enough to talk about things that most people would keep hidden especially from a woman they barely know.

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Vulnerability shows a strong sense of self-worth and it creates trust- both of which are key elements in seducing an older woman. Older women are used to older men who have mostly settled down and gotten comfortable in their way of life.

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When interacting with an older woman, talk about your passions, your plans, your ambitions. She will find your youthful energy and enthusiasm incredibly seductive. To be honest, I had found her quite intimidating. I was only twenty-one at the time and she was in her early thirties.

Not only was she incredibly attractive and self-confident, but she was also quite successful: We had met a few hours earlier at a local club, and after a great conversation and some drinks, we ended up in her bedroom.

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