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The expert guide to oral sex

xXx Photo Galleries The expert guide to oral sex.

Expert Guide to Oral Sex video. Last night I watched my very first instructional video on cunnilingus. The video, "Expert Guide to Oral Sex, part one: Cunnilingus " is one of Babeland's video series on oral sex.

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It is led by Tristan Taormino, a well-known "sexpert", author, porn director, and speaker. In the end, I was disappointed with the video because I wanted more actual tips and less video of people doing it. I was eager to get some advice on cunnilingus since this is an area of our sex life that has gone downhill in recent months.

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At the beginning, oral sex was good because it was new, exciting, and fresh, but once I got used to having it, it got boring. So I was excited to get some tips that we could use to share and explore.

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At first, I thought the guide was a book. I thought it would be pretty sweet to order a book full of oral sex tips, but I figured out as soon as I went to Babeland's site that it was a video. Well, that was okay, so I went ahead and ordered it.

My Dom's first question when he opened the mail was, "Did you order porn? I told him no, and he said, "Well, you just got a video that says something about 'Extra girl-on-girl scene!

My Dom was uncomfortable watching it, so he just listened. I went ahead and watched. Luckily, the video gives you menu options, so I just skipped right over the videos of different couples having oral sex on camera and went straight to the Cunnilingus Workshop section.

Here, Tristan Taormino is giving a live presentation with a female actress to a group of people who ask questions and observe her working.

She gives lots of good tips for oral sex don't go straight for the clit, different techniques my Dom had never thought of, etc.

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Overall, I did learn a lot. But I'd have preferred to get the same information without watching Tristan Taormino actually perform oral sex on this actress while she was doing it. I know my anti-porn stance puts me at odds with many in the BDSM world and hey, with many in the real world!

Needless to say, we didn't watch the scenes of other couples trying out the techniques in the video. We also skipped the part labeled "Bonus girl-on-girl scene! The video, aside from a section on positions, techniques, and using toys, also includes chapters on safe sex techniques and how to use toys to enhance oral sex.

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The tips given in it are good tips, but I'd still have preferred a book. So I'd say skip the video and buy the book.

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