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Neutragena facial peels

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My Holy Grail Peel.

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My heart breaks that this was discontinued. It never did anything if I followed Neutragena facial peels directions. I finally got disgusted and left it on overnight. Very smooth, very poreless, beautiful skin!! To start, I'd put it on, rub it in while adding dabs of water. Let it dry, sleep with it on, then in the morning, put dabs of water on again and rub it in really well, then wash off with gentle soap. Then the usual serum, sunblock and whatever else.

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More reviews by iluvgreen4eva. More reviews by kgbina. It works at Neutragena facial peels but over time it burned my skin - made it bright red and now I react to everything I put on it.

It's a terrible product - I am still recovering three months later!

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I went to the doctor and he said that it took off layers of skin and it takes time to heal - its been three months and I am still healing. Do not buy this product if you have sensitive skin! More reviews by Neutragena facial peels This is a definite staple in my skincare regime.

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I have oily, acne-prone skin with enlarged pores. I also have acne scars that are non-pitted. I find that this product really helps fade discoloration, as well as prevent future blemishes.

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I use this in combination with Differin and AHA lotion, Neutragena facial peels adding this to my regime has really made a difference! Contrary to the directions, I use this every other day since my skin seems to tolerate these products very well. My skin is much smoother, and I am breaking out much less. More reviews by rainy1. It changes the texture of my oil skin.

My skin is smoother and my pores are smaller.

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The ratings here are average, which means it doesn't work for everyone. It works like a dream on my skin. I get better results with this product than a microdermabrasion facial. More reviews by Boffan. I've been buying this product since it first came out, even before it was available in my part of the world.