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Cobit maturity model diagram

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The ontological metamodels represent the logical structures and fundamental semantics of framework models and constitute adequate tools for the analysis, adaptation, comparison and integration of IT best practice frameworks. In turn, these domains are divided into one or more Activities that are carried through by one or more Roles which are consulted, Cobit maturity model diagram, accounted for or liable for each Activity.

According to the IT Governance Institute"the survival and success of an organization on the new global market, where time and distances were suppressed, depend on the effective management of information and related technologies.

These frameworks are a response of business owners to the challenges posed by IT governance and management, working as tools for the promotion of the alignment between the IT processes and the strategic objectives of the organization. According to Johannsen and Goekenthe IT best practices frameworks "describe organizational objectives, processes and aspects of the IT management and control of IT".

The effective implementation of an IT best practice framework is a complex activity that demands planning and managing and it usually induces Cobit maturity model diagram changes in the organization and in its processes.

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Furthermore, it has been observed that the adoption of only one of these IT best practice frameworks may not be sufficient Cobit maturity model diagram a particular organization.

Therefore, one of the challenges currently faced in IT management is how to analyze, adapt, compare, and integrate different IT best practice frameworks. Consequently, it is understood that the first step towards solving these problems is understanding the logical structures and the generating semantics of the IT best practice frameworks.

This can be achieved through the methodical generation of ontological metamodels models of models of these frameworks.

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