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Baby Oil 1 divx. Filming this clip was too good to be true.

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Very tightly chained in her already skintight spandex catsuit i squirt baby oil all over her spandex clad body and rub it in. As you can imagine, this made the suit more tighter then ever before, you can actually see her tatoos through the red spandex. Her tight shiny ass looks like a little peardrop as i rub the baby oil right up her crack.

Near the end of this clip i took some Film divx amateur quality photos and i have put them on the end of this clip for Film divx amateur all to see. After a few hours of making videos, this little head of a slut started giving me a hard time.

So i thought it was time to remind her who was boss.

Tightly squeezed in her silver spandex catsuit and chained, we stuff her head down the toilet and flush the chain to chill her out. This is the full incut video in higher quality x This is the full un-edited film of the catsuited aqua slut's Film divx amateur training. Tightly squeezed into her white spandex shorts and little pink spandex top, she tries to hold her breath for as long as she can.

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Here is the bundle of the tight red clips we have just made inc. Grab it while you can Julie.

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This is the full uncut movie of the spandex clad slut in the bath of gooey slime. From getting in,going under,being dunked,smoking and being fondled.

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Tighly chained in her skintight spandex catsuit she goes under the thick goo to experience being submerged in the red mess. Purple Catsuit Aqua Slut. This is the full 23 minutes of the catsuited aqua slut in her purple catsuit and snorkel.

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With those chains tight up her butt crack this slut enjoys over 23 minutes of self pleasuring finger fucking,muff diving,thumb fucking action, all above the water and under the water. The best amateur underwater catsuit fetish only from Amateur Catsuit Bondage Store.

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