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Dustin Lee Hoffman born August 8, is an American actor and director. Hoffman first drew critical praise for starring in the play, Eh? This achievement was soon followed by his breakthrough film role as Benjamin Braddock, the title character in The Graduate. Since that time, Hoffman's career has largely been focused on Dustin sean cody nude cinema, with sporadic returns to television and to the stage.

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He made his directorial debut inwith Quartet. In lateseven women accused Hoffman of sexual misconduct or assault over several decades.

Hoffman has not Dustin sean cody nude responded to the other six allegations. Hoffman was named after stage and silent screen actor Dustin Farnum. His Dustin sean cody nude was nonreligious, and he has said, "I don't have any memory of celebrating holidays growing up that were Jewish," and that he had "realized" he was Jewish at around the age of He left after a year to join the Pasadena Playhouse[17] although when he told his family about his career goal, his Aunt Pearl warned him, "You can't be an actor.

You are not good-looking enough. Hoffman initially hoped to become a classical pianisthaving studied piano during much of his youth and in college.

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While at Santa Monica College, he also took an acting class, which he assumed would be easy, and "caught the acting bug. I did not have an ear. He composed a song called "Shooting the Breeze," and Bette Midler wrote the words. Hoffman, Hackman, and Robert Duvall lived together in the s, all three of them focused on finding acting jobs.

We just wanted to work. In Hoffman was cast in a role in an off-Broadway production and followed with a walk-on role in a Broadway production in Hoffman then studied at Actors Studio and became a dedicated method actor.

Pinka producer and 3D -movie pioneer, discovered him in Dustin sean cody nude of his off-Broadway roles and cast him in Madigan's Millions.

Through the early and mids, Hoffman made appearances in television shows and movies, including Naked CityThe Defenders and Hallmark Hall of Fame. His first critical success was in the play Eh?

In director Mike Nichols auditioned Hoffman for a lead role in the Broadway musical The Apple Tree but rejected him because he could not sing well enough and gave Alan Alda the part. But Nichols was so impressed with Hoffman's overall audition he cast him as the male lead in the movie The Graduate Confused about what to do with his life, he is seduced into having an affair with Mrs. Robinson, an alcoholic and Dustin sean cody nude neurotic, and the wife of his father's law partner.

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Although Life magazine joked that "if Dustin Hoffman's face were his fortune, he'd be committed to a life of poverty", [19] The Graduate was a gigantic box-office hit for Embassy Picturesmaking Hoffman a major new star at the same time. The film received near-unanimous good reviews. Time magazine called Hoffman "a symbol of youth" who represented "a Dustin sean cody nude breed of actors.

A whole generation changed its idea of what guys should look like. I think Dustin's physical being brought a sort of social and visual change, in the same way people first thought of Bogart.

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