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No comments on this one? I know some people read this blog, I Stephanie miller hustler wonder why most are afraid to leave a comment? Have you noticed you got the most comments when you posted about cooking?

I think you are asking yourself the wrong question.

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The question you Stephanie miller hustler, contains the answer. If no one is responding to you then it must be them?

You recently made a comment about that you were glad you work for a commercial station in a conversation concerning KHSU. That distances you from the crowd and concerns of the community. And the tone of that comment is why people do not respond to your blog.

So are you in Hustler? I don't know but I bet a bunch of them are under your bed. Be humble and less creepy and people will want to play with you. Kathy, thanks for responding. This lets me know everything is working.

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I would Stephanie miller hustler made similar decisions about keeping Democracy Now! I would probably be out of a job had they accepted me. So I'm glad I am where I am. I thought if I did a couple of blogs that weren't real news maybe more people would respond. That's why the Hustler and Diva of the Dark posts. Didn't mean to be creepy. I guess vampires are a bit creepy though.

That's why the Hustler and...

Creepy is not just the vampire. And btw, vampire is not the message in that photo, red lips are the message.

On this episode, I'm providing...

Dude, I would think you are looking to take a place within an audience that is more sophisticated than that. What you would have decided about DN Stephanie miller hustler besides the point. When you make it about you, you shrink reader interest.

There are questions and conversations here beyond Tom World. That might be the conversation you wish to join. What is your interest?

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Picking up the listeners KHSU would lose if DN was gone or helping to empower the concerns of the community that wants DN to stay on Stephanie miller hustler air at the station they have donated to? You do great with your on air programs and with your support for the Vets. On your blog you bring it all back to you. Sure you would have made different choices. But the conversation is not about that. The Eureka Reported did not run a headline that said When you get into Mother Jones let me know. We used to run Mother Jones until the radio version was discontinued.