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Huaibei anhui

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It Huaibei anhui Suzhou to the east, Bengbu to the south, Bozhou to the west, and the province of Henan to the north. The population was 2, inhabitants at the census, all in the built-up area, comprising 3 urban districts and Suixi County largely being built. The prefecture-level city of Huaibei administers 4 county-level divisionsincluding 3 districts and 1 county.

Huaibei anhui

Situated in northern Anhui, Huaibei...

These are further Huaibei anhui into 43 township-level divisionsincluding 20 towns8 townships and 15 subdistricts. The city has three districts and one county with a total area of 2.

Huaibei has vast quantities of mineral reserves including marbleironcoppergoldsilvernickelcobaltfire clay and limestone. It also possesses 2. Huaibei is the home to numerous chemical, construction, machinery, textile, power, electronics, and Huaibei anhui industrial firms.

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The city has over 2, industrial enterprises, of which 22 large and medium-sized ones are run by the state. The annual output of raw coal from Huaibei is 2, million tons, ranking first in eastern Huaibei anhui.

The power industry has also developed rapidly and is currently ranked third in eastern China - Huaibei Power Station has a total installed capacity of MW and an annual electricity output of GW.

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