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The debate between the various qualities between Thai women and Filipinas has been going on for years. Then — around the time that the United States pulled out of Subic Bay — the Philippines started to assert itself Thai vs filipino women a viable option for those looking for something along the same lines.

Just looking at the number of foreigners arriving at the Mactan and Manila airports supports just how popular the Philippines has become — especially for those seeking Filipina fun, girlfriends or wives. So then does this seemingly eternal debate continue: How do they stack up when it comes to looks, personality, cultural influence and the like.

The debate between the various...

I lived in Bangkok and Chiang Mai for over three years During that time, I would regularly travel to the Philippines for my own personal adventures, and in I moved from Thailand to the Philippines to live full time. Everyone is different, however, and opinions being what they are, they are likely to vary according to the particular experiences of any said individual.

Conclusion Again, keep in mind that these are only my experiences in both Thailand and the Philippines. At the very most, it is an incredibly subjective take on comparing the wonderful women of Thailand to those of Thai vs filipino women Philippines.

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A lot of this also has to do with the particulars of what one is looking for. Some might hold personality to be of be at the top of the scale while others might consider physical attraction to be of paramount importance.

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So, there it is — my opinion on the long-standing debate comparing various qualities between women from Thailand and women from the Philippines. Have something to ad to the discussion? Feel free to leave your input in the comments section! Your email address will not be published.