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Talk with Carrington in Railroad HQ and go few streets further in order to receive the package from a mail box. Give him the faction's password by selecting the "left" dialogue option.

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He will order you to secure the church where the further action will happen. The location is occupied by a small group of raiders.

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It is wise to shoot at them from far away, using the windows. Once the area is secured, wait till evening for Stockton you can sit on the bench and wait selected amount of time. After arriving, Stockton will light a lamp, giving a signal to his ally.

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Once the new recruit arrives, you will go in a group - your job is to protect the allies from attacks of thugs. They are not strong enemies and they will Old man stockton appear in large groups, so the whole operation should go smoothly.

Once it is over, return to the headquarters and talk to Dr Carrington in order to complete the quest. All logos and images are copyrighted by their respective owners.

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Receive the orders from the blue mail box. The Old Man Stockton.

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Wait for the ally to arrive after securing the location and lighting the lantern up by Stockton. Fallout 4 Guide Mods for Fallout 4.

Introduction Mods installation step by step.

Before you start How to install the modifications? Equipment and Pip-Boy Interactions with other characters Hacking Lockpicking Sneaking up and pickpocketing Companions List of companions World exploration Location types in the game world Factions and smaller groups.

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Combat techniques What is V. Melee weapons Guns - light Guns - heavy Energy weapons. FAQ - Frequently asked questions. How to get Dogmeat?

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How to return to Vault ? How to unlock Cryolator early in the game?

How to gather large numbers of bottlecaps? How to quickly obtain experience levels?

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How to protect yourself from high radiation? Location of settlements Settlement management Crafting - basics Advanced crafting Crafting - resources table. How to get all achievements in a single run? How to get the Benevolent Leader?

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Brotherhood of Steel faction quests. Introduction World map - sectors World map - enemy levels Sectors Maps. Sanctuary - Sector 1.

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